Demkar Nuts

Mr. MEHMET DEMIR, Chairman of Board of Directors of DEMKAR NUTS stated that they started to produce in 1970; after his sons Mr. HASAN DEMIR and Mr. CENGIZ DEMIR participated to management of our company in 2008, they have made progress for technology, advertisement, well-knowing, effective using and improvement of products. We continue to produce with handled pistachio capacity 30-50 ton per day at our facilities, built on 6 thousand square meters closed area.

ARM Food

With the belief of ‘Great taste is worthy when it is accompanied by the right service conception’, Cy Food Company was established in İstanbul – Haramidere, in 2000. It has a high production capacity which averages 50 tonnes a day, with significant additional capacity available for more production. From the moment the company entered the sector, it emerged through its rivals and has made a big contribution with its merge of service & product range as well as expert staff. Cy Food Company has two Successful brands: ŞOKONUGİ for the domestic market and ARMELLA fort he global market.

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