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With the belief of ‘Great taste is worthy when it is accompanied by the right service conception’, Cy Food Company was established in İstanbul – Haramidere, in 2000. It has a high production capacity which averages 50 tonnes a day, with significant additional capacity available for more production. From the moment the company entered the sector, it emerged through its rivals and has made a big contribution with its merge of service & product range as well as expert staff. Cy Food Company has two Successful brands: ŞOKONUGİ for the domestic market and ARMELLA fort he global market. We provide more than 100 different types of products, with a huge variety of sizes, grams, packaging and flavours: “Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa” “Hazelnut Cream” “Praline” “Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa White Cream DUO” “Hazelnut Cream Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa 2in1” “Peanut Butter” “Tahini Helava” Are all amongst the very successfull ranges that are highly in demand. Cy Food Company has all the certificates and authorisation needed to be afood manufacturer and have a prestigious place in the sector, but most importantly to provide our consumers products made and packaged in the utmost hygienic conditions.

With over 300

Employees, all of the production is made with no human contact, in the most hygienic conditions and reach the consumers all over the World through a wide sales reach. Cy Food Company researches thoroughly the food sector’s changing demands, and produces new products rhat reflect these needs whilst also being am important PRIVATE LABEL manufacturer to companies local and abroad. Our exporting business is continuing to grow rapidly and is going from strength to strengeth, we are currently exporting to more than 65 countries across Europe, the US, Africa and the Middle East. Cy Food Company attends maketing days at specifically targeted points and places taste panels to allow customers to taste the products whilst assessing its quality. To maximise sales, we exhibit national and international fairs and keep signing new agreements with upcoming sales points in Turkey and abroad. We believe that Cy Armella and Şokonugi brands are well on their way to be known worldwide. With its Professional approach, innovativate spirit and emp hasis on excellence, CY FOOD will be amongst the best in the market.

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