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Having established with the slogan “love of flavour” in conserved and convenience food in Burhaniye, a lovely town on the Gulf of Edremit, in 1982, Burcu Gida has combined the Anatolian flavours with the modern technology and become a rapidly-growing food company. Expanding both its capacity and its product range through investments, it has attained the position of a brand which is sought for not only in the Turkish market but in the international markets as well.

Besides its traditional products, Burcu Gida has added the flavours which are common denominators of the world cuisines to its product range, thus having more than 450 product types.

Agricultural produce grown in controlled agriculture in the productive agricultural fields of Burhaniye and the Gulf are first inspected by specialised engineers before they go to the production department and then they are taken into the production department. In the production lines providing the state-of-the-art technologic facilities which are also preferred by the producers who are leaders in the paste and conserved food production, the agricultural produce are processed and become such carefully prepared products which are spoken of for their quality and flavour. One of the most prominent principles of Burcu Gida is to produce such healthy, quality products which are in conformity with the Turkish Food Codex and the Turkish standards with their colour, odour and taste.

Burcu aims at keeping a foothold among the most reliable companies of the industry. It knows how important nutrition is for a person to be able to lead a healthy life and ensure his development. Being conscious of this fact, it carefully and meticulously work in all its operations in order to provide all its customers with healthy and quality products with natural nutrients. It places much importance on the taste, flavour and satisfaction which consumers receive from the products of Burcu.

While Burcu has a large distribution network of regional representatives and dealers positioned in various cities in the Turkish market, it exports to 58 countries with an emphasis on the United States, European countries, Asia, African countries and Middle East countries in the international market. It is one of the greatest objects of Burcu to make contributions to the national economy and to be able to make our country’s name known by the whole world.

It is among its principles to be sensitive to the environment in a sense of social responsibility. Due to its respect for the nature, it has made great investments in modern treatment plants and laboratory facilities. It places much importance on technology and closely follows up the progresses in the food industry. Its facilities are equipped with environmentalist machinery. The waste emitted as a result of the production activities is purged in the modern treatment plant and does not cause any harm for the environment. As the raw material used in production is of an agricultural nature, any waste does not have contaminative properties. Although it is located in a touristic area and in the centre of the town, it carries out production with no smallest inconvenience to the environment.

Vegetables grown in controlled agriculture at the villages at the foot of the Kaz (Ida) Mountains, which has the most plentiful oxygen and the cleanest soil in the world, are prepared on hands-free basis in the modern facilities of Burcu and take their place in the Turkish and World cuisines.


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