ARM Food

With the belief of ‘Great taste is worthy when it is accompanied by the right service conception’, Cy Food Company was established in İstanbul – Haramidere, in 2000. It has a high production capacity which averages 50 tonnes a day, with significant additional capacity available for more production. From the moment the company entered the sector, it emerged through its rivals and has made a big contribution with its merge of service & product range as well as expert staff. Cy Food Company has two Successful brands: ŞOKONUGİ for the domestic market and ARMELLA fort he global market.

Alshaya Foods

Alshaya Foods Consumer Products, is established in 2014 in Selimpasha – Istanbul and has begun the contract packaging service. Alshaya Foods is an integrated institution that offers 35 thousand tons of products per year where the filling capacity varies from 1gr to 5 kg, it is one of the biggest contract packaging factories in Turkey.

Aksuvital Dogal Urunler

AKSUVITAL Natural Products Food Co.

All ventures germinate a secret, hidden and wordless hope. That hope which falls silently down to a hearth and greens up in other hearts. Becomes visible, transforms into vocal and expressed in words.
Our hope started by realizing the fable of bees. We have first explored the bee whizz and stroll finds honey flavor with meaningful targets. Then we have started to walk through those fairness targets inspired to bees, the flowers and leaves.


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